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Selling a digital product is a business model that does away with many of the normal overheads and barriers that you might encounter. Once the product is delivered, you are considered the owner of that piece of intellectual property. The binary code for that piece of code is yours.ดูซีรี่ย์ You can sell it to who you want for a set price or you can sell it to anyone for zero or maybe just a tiny nominal fee.

Traditionally, the only way to protect your software from piracy is to make copies and ship them to eager buyers. If you were clever enough to write the software yourself this would be a simple solution, but most people don’t know how to write the code they need for a digital product and neither are numerous providers of such programs. If the software is unique there is a high likelihood that it will only be shared a few seats in the iTunes library. This is unfortunate – in the age of open source and technology fair revolution, one must be ingenious in order to make the most of the new gadgets and programs that have been created.

Are there effective strategies to protect your software?

The short answer is yes. If you make it as available as possible you are considered to be the owner. More often than not you will own those digital products which are useful to you. It is fair to say that providing the means for people to reproduce your software is a way to benefit both you and the community.เว็บดูหนังออนไลน์ What people do not realize is that they are helping you by buy Adware and Spyware. These are unwanted loads of software which are introduced by unorthyixels.

Other Threats

Apart from piracy, SpywareOD and adware can cause your system to be unstable, running slower and an order of magnitude slower than before. There are a thousand reasons above why your computer runs slow but lack of memory is considered to be the leading cause. People without any technical knowledge can face this problem, though, one just has to seek good after-sales service to get rid of all the trouble. Other problems related to speed are, low bandwidth of the local area network, reduced disk space, malware, slow start-ups and many more. You must have heard of the term “technical support” to avail this service, but for better results one must search for good after-sales service that suits your budget.อมควย Today, one can also avail channels for live support on the internet.


There is wide variety of proven strategies to prevent one from getting Gmail or any other email address Virus. Following them would be the best ways to get protected.

•Increase System Speed:

Your computer must must must have a good internet adaptor installed to increase the system speed. This will ensure that your computer is fast and in such condition. There is a great deal of anti-spyware and anti-virus software’s on the internet to increase the system speed. Go for the most appropriate one and enjoy safe and hassle-free system.

•Free Disk Space:

Another method that you must follow is to free up your disk space.คลิปโป๊ You must delete the unwanted files from your system or you will get disk space added to your system. Thus, every time a file is closed, it must be moved to some other destination in order that it increases the system speed.

•Optimize Services:

You must use some good anti-virus software and anti malware software to protect your system from all the potential threats. Through installation of some such anti-virus software, you must install spyware and adware removal tool. The installation of these software tools also helps in increasing the performance of your system.

•Delete Some of the System Programs:

Operating system is the most essential software on your system. Many viruses can infect your system while you are creating an anti-virus trail. Thus, you must delete some of the files associated with the anti-virus software in order to increase the performance of your system.

•Get a Firewall:

A firewall provides the security of your system from the unauthorized access and you can access the internet contents safely. If your system is connected to internet then you must use a firewall.

• Keep a Good Anti Virus:

A good anti virus software is the guarantee of providing the best security against the viruses.หนังโป๊ While you are engaging in downloading anti virus software, you must ensure that you are not getting some other unwanted software in your system.

•System must be Defragmented:

While your computer is infected, the disk space is also occupied by unwanted files. You can free up the disk space by defragmenting the system. The process of defragmentation is used to increase the performance of your system.

•Repair Registry:

The registry serves as the database of the operating system and all the programs installed in the computer.

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